The Most Powerful People In The United States of America

The Judicial Branch of Government

When presidents are allowed to “appoint” judges the door to disaster is left open. Judges are maybe all that stands between this nation and  tyrannical one world governing. The New World Order is out of the closet and working feverishly to get their world government in place.

From freedom to eat what we want, use rain water, not be experimented on by GM crop designers, not poisoned by pharmaceuticals and not taxed into oblivion by the Military Industrial Complex, the only people, with real power,  guarding the gates are judges.  Judges can say “No” on constitutional grounds. Some do, some don’t. But as far as individuals go – they wield as much power as anyone in this nation. They can stop a president from selling the country – they could, if they chose to.

The following is an example of what can, and does, go wrong with the courts (for some people at least):

Could it possibly get any worse? It just recently came to light that so-called “Citizens United”, nothing more than a corporate sponsored astroturf lobbying organization, the very same group he ruled in favor of to decimate our campaign finance laws last year, was the driving force in paying for and running ads to promote the confirmation of Thomas himself to the Supreme Court.

The standard for a justice to step aside from hearing a particular case is supposed to be whether there might be an “appearance of impartiality”. Yet here we have a member of the Supreme Court handing decisions to the people who were instrumental in putting him on the court in the first place. It is simply unacceptable to have a someone sitting on the Supreme Court with such patent contempt for simple fairness.

In fact, all the so-called justices who voted in favor of Citizens United should be impeached. Scalia has shown similar contempt for any suggestion he should recuse himself from cases where he was clearly biased in favor of one side, always the corporate one. And we know now that Roberts and Alito lied through their teeth at their confirmation hearings about their committed reactionary agenda. –

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