The mother of faith

The lineage and the establishment of transcendental faith, in all of its expressions and forms, is indisputably a phenomenology relegated in the cognition that belongs to the adult age, as well; since the 95% of the human population cultivates in a way or another, through organized religions, cults, sectarian beliefs, ideological socio-philosophical constructs and/or mere vague spiritual beliefs and the recent so called new age movement (a characteristic that is present and that belongs to most of cultures), it is what academically is called a universal cultural thing, meaning to say a cognitive and sociological tendency that seems to introduce itself, to greatly permeate and to use the incredibly large majority of the human individuals and the their societies in the planet and historically..

Regardless of the fact in and because of which the establishment of faith is not a mysterious onset, (being it a cultural and psychological development that takes place through processes of social and collective indoctrination or through thought-processes characterized by self indoctrination), it seems that the many of us are merely completely disinterested to understand what the very substance from which all types of faith-cognitions come from actually is, and this argument arises inevitably a question which usually is precisely the very question that most of the faith-population does not want to study, nor to inquire, neither to seriously and deeply analyze, and the question is: would there be the necessity and the urge of faith, in whatever form, if the whole architecture of abstract fears and irrational concerns did/does not exist in the psychological human brain?

If we, please, stay with this inquiry for a little while, if we remain solidly, intelligently and rationally with this analysis, if we bring about a sober investigative togetherness capable to study this major and historical paradox in which human beings live rather than freaking out and clinging to rhetorical/ideological/second hand thoughts and mantras such as relying to the issue of “freedom of faith” or mutual respect and such.. if we really analyze such a tremendously important question then perhaps we will come to the realization inherent in what the very mother of all forms of faith actually is, which is fear.

So here comes the paradox, the very pivot of our existential immaturity which is faith: while the adult age should be characterized by intelligence and co-operation among mature human beings, on the unfortunate opposite: the immature lacks of the bland and dull and gullible aspects of psyche, plus, obviously, the disgrace of the “octopus of indoctrination”, seem to take over most of the times..

The paradox is that while fear of living and dying is the common denominator of each one of us and among all of us, meaning the very factor that we all share, therefore the very element that all human beings carry and under which they are unified, men and women disgracefully seem to prefer faiths, rather than a common investigation about their rational (the few) and irrational (the many) fears, and precisely because of such a idiotic preference; human beings proceed along their battered existence in mutual and societal separation.. walking along the stoned and silly immature path of faith and credulity, worshiping separation..

Indeed, as a matter of fact, he or she who venerates whatever faith whatsoever, separates himself or herself from the rest of reality, therefore: he or she who has a faith, worships separation and immaturity..

As well, to such individuals, the mother of faith, which is existential fear, remains an everlastingly unstudied issue, therefore the psyche remains structurally ignorant..

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