The Motive Behind Indefinite Detention, Rendition And Torture

I wonder sometimes at the motivation behind some of the madness dreamed up by the world rulers. Some times I’m stymied as to why they do the things they do.

Most of the time it’s obvious if we use this simple formula for motive. The first thing to understand about motive is all motive is based on a pursuit of happiness. People, all people, without exception, do what they believe will bring “Them” happiness. That only leaves figuring out a person’s idea of happiness. Approaching things in this way removes the mystery from behaviors we observe.

Knowing what motivates people I know why some people at the tippy top want a one world government. I know why they want to control everything on the planet. They desire to control: Water, air, land and food – down to the last seed. If you asked any of them what would make them happy they’d say, “To rule over all”.

Of course they could lie and claim they want to bring order out of chaos but that’s bullshit.

There are those a step down who may join their team out of a desire to bring order out of chaos. These are people who think that “order” will bring “Them” happiness. They make good tools.

A step down you’ll find many who think some degree of control over something would bring happiness. They may not be evil enough, or smart enough, or ambitious enough to want it all so they’ll try and get a herd to control – A Fiefdom.

Then there are those who just want some power over others anyway they can get it. There are the drones and thugs. Drones and thugs operate at all many levels in the hive. They could be head of the CIA or swinging a baton at some girl on the sidewalk. Some drones set in rooms and analyze, punch keyboards or engineer software and hardware for destruction, on command. The Drones think order, winning, nationalism, authority and the like will bring “Them” happiness.

Of course there’s the sociopath and psychopath who’ll bash your head in, lock you away, build a bomb or make a disease just for a paycheck or the fun of it. Some of them like to hurt others some of them enjoy an illusion of security.

Okay, enough of that. I asked myself, “Why do they want to torture people?”

I understand, Creating and holding enemy combatants, Arresting journalists, Silencing whistle blowers and Making laws to keep people from the media and knowledge from the people. That’s simple: Fear of exposure. But why torture?

It’s understood that torture doesn’t work for extracting factual, credible information. Everyone knows this. So, Why Torture?

What is torture good for? Torture is good for breaking peoples minds.

Is that the plan? Why would they want to break people? What can you do with broken people? The answer is, pretty much anything you want. You can put them back together as terrorists, spies, suicide bombers… soldiers, drug smugglers, assassins…anything.

Of course this only works as a master plan if you have a failsafe in place. You can’t have people you’ve attempted to break and remake walking free to tell their story. No problem: Indefinite solitary detention.

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