The mysteries of Archaeological history

When we think about the mysteries of Archaeological history and “when” a people did this or that… why would we think we knew the “when” – and so by default that Egyptian or Mayan or other people were responsible for any building?

If we said only what we knew for sure: there are pyramids where Egypt is today… we would at least imagine from a more realistic platform

My thinking, is that we have a tendency to connect the dots to soon, which leads to the accepting of some things as facts that may not be facts at all.

As a builder I can say that people – of the era widely accepted as the era of the builders of the monoliths – could not have built the monoliths. Is what we call the iron age or the copper age a point in time where everybody on the planet had only rudimentary copper or iron tools? What would be left of my phone 3,000 years from now if I dropped it in a field today?

There are a lot of assumptions being made about Archaeological history that lead to more assumptions about Archaeological history. I think I can say with certainty, from listening to people talk, that there are a lot of people in religion, politics and some fields of science who do not want anything to do with an unbiased study of Archaeological history

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