The New Community

Got millions of dollars? Want to do something worthwhile?

Great, lets build small alternative communities around the U.S. and invite the “New Homeless” to move in and set up shop.

These communities would be self sufficient. There are a lot of good ideas for how to implement this self sufficiency. This will be an opportunity to test these ideas. If they work then we lead the world to a new and better people based community model that others can follow.

It may be the only sensible investment left – an investment in people. One of the main problems generated and sustained by the current ” Corporate Model” is the suppression of good workable ideas. Ideas for energy, ideas for health and food creation. Pretty much any idea or model that can’t be turned in to profit by the corporation at the expense of people – is suppressed.

These communities would not have corporations. No “McDonald”, no “Target”, no franchises. They would have only those businesses independently operated by the community. This is the ideal time to start the new model since the old model is creating able bodied homeless as fast as it can in order to maintain it’s own growth.

There is also a large group of people who haven’t been foreclosed on – yet – who are looking for an alternative to the debt based life. The resources for sustaining these new communities are abundant – people. After all, what other resource is there?

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