The New Lobby Reporter

The “New Lobby Reporter” is a weekly, nationally circulated, report of the nations private lobby organization. The nations private lobby organization will be sending their own lobbyists to Washington every hour of every day. From every district across the nation someone from each district will be there to hand Congressman and Senators the issues their constituents would like to see resolved.

The resolution of these issues will be worked out beforehand by the constituents. All meetings with Senators and people in Congress will be recorded for review by the constituency and reports will be included in the “New Lobby Reporter”.

By resolving the issues at home the (renewed) role of the people in DC will that of administrator only. The need for committees and such will be over and rendering of solutions will be taken out of the hands of the representative. The day of the “DC Decider” is gone. The day of the representative is revived.

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