The New Three Party System

I did a little looking into Rand Paul. I’d never seen him or listened to him. I found another blog that had a clip from R. Maddow’s show. This is what I saw – First, interviewers are usually as ignorant as the rest of the population when it comes to the constitution.

Here’s what I mean, He was asked on a few different interviews about the civil rights act of “64”. It came down to the question about private businesses (restaurants etc.) refusing customers based on race/discrimination – they asked him his view? He was having a tough time with this. So is everyone else. Why? Because they don’t understand what a republic is and they don’t understand rights guaranteed under the constitution.

All rights are based on property. If you are a citizen and owned a restaurant  then no one gets to vote on who you serve, or don’t serve. The government doesn’t decide.  It’s already decided in the constitution. The customer doesn’t get to decide either, it’s not his restaurant, so it’s not his property, so he has no rights concerning that property.

But, all of this is contingent on what type of citizen you are and if you actually own anything.

The government can’t discriminate, that’s already written into law – except? The government can’t even set up a welfare system? That is a special right – a privilege. Who decides who is extended a privilege? If you don’t understand this, in other words if you’re like me, there is this – Constitution Class.

Anyway I’m glad to hear that an ‘outside the party line’ party had a little victory. I think that’s a step in the right direction – maybe. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.