The only real meditation

It really seems that the “topic” of clarity, mental clarity, cerebral clarity, psychological clarity.. whatever way and manner we like to call it.. (not “enlightenment” or “rising consciousness” or “high vibrations” and all the rest of these previously-manufactured fallacies and sophistries and existential speculations that, so obviously and historically, go no where).. it seems that the “topic” of clarity, which is supposed to be something that goes far beyond a mere “topic” (considering that it’s our life & mind that “game” we are playing with)

… it really seems that such argument tends to bring into being, incredibly and paradoxically, psychological elements that actually belong to its opposite, which is confusion, antagonism, staggered interpretations caught in beliefs and so on.. Clarity in the brain, a clear mind, a clear, polished intelligence.. which means “polished” from all of its oddments, all of its influences and conditioned interpretations inherent in and about mind and reality.. is “meditation”..

To be precise: it’s the only real “meditation” that can possibly help the species to move on.. toward a quiet and rational evolution of its intelligence, both subjectively and in terms of future civilization.. One should keep in mind that the Sanskrit word “meditation”, which comes from the word “midiur”, originally meant: “I judge” (not “I pre-judge”).. and that the intended applications of such word have never mentioned or suggested nor implied any sort of exercises whatsoever..

Indeed: thinking about thinking by observing the thoughts that have formerly and previously created our precedent platforms of thinking.. is “meditation”: the only real meditation: a meditation that requires no practices, nor disciplines, nor dogmas, nor existential ambitions, nor “divine” schemes and purposes, nor authorities, nor “existential how”, nor “existential -I should- and -maybe-“, nor gurus and prompters, nor leaders and outward’s inspirations, nor acts of breathing in this or that way, or eating in this and that way, or “thinking positively”, or yoga, or ideals, or hopes and gods and alchemy and shamanism or tricks whatsoever.. none of these things.. but rather what we all have.. and what we all seem to ignore.. which is the possibility to bring into being a completely fresh brain and psychology.. in which all micro or macro beliefs are absolutely and once for all eradicated..

Unfortunately; it really seems that the many, when the “topic” of clarity and reality is placed on the “table of the conversation and inquiry”.. tend to cling to definitions, to interpretations of reality, to sedimented capsules of reasoning.. or merely to the protective mechanism activated by their own belief and background..

Some talk about “who knows what reality is?” .. ignoring that the most reasonable question should be: “who cares about what the environmental reality actually is, whether sub-atomic, made up by quantum particles, holographic or made up by cosmic beer?: Nothing changes the fact that we are thinking, and that’s reality.. no matter if we are within some sort of future videogame of virtual reality or whatever..”

Others cling to pre-packaged religious “keys”, such as “sacred books” and all of this sort of stuff.. Others say that we should sit down and meditate.. And others jump right into the big nebula of spiritual nonsenses of all kind.. while the many simply do not care at all.. ’cause they are busy in other projects..

This paradox in which the act of facing clarity leads so often to the fomentation of the acts of “taking positions” and protectiveness, which is antithetical to clarity itself.. is the fulcrum inherent in the birth and development of human confusion..

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