The Origin of Confusion

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… what I’m investigating is deeper still… no one, in their right mind (my opinion), would suggest we do away with creativity, imagination, feelings and so on… So the origins of confusion, I’m thinking, must be beneath these traits… perhaps having little or nothing to do with them… I see all these things as the middle… beneath them, somewhere… somewhere in the machinery itself must be the glitch

… the word psychology… to me it’s just having to do with the psyche… like biology is… or geology… but yeah… people… So, lets say, for now, our mental life… or choose something. I’ve been thinking about this, how to get out of our personal and collective mess, for many years now. Millions of people have studied it from hundreds of different angles… All that’s been done hasn’t cracked it… I thought, “I can’t go at this in any way that’s been done before and expect anything different”, and in order to do that, come at it in a new way, I’d need to forget about the middle… psychology deals with the middle… genetics goes deeper, but it’s still a middle… The mess, the entire historic, repeating, currently operating, human mess… call it what we want… confusion, mess, madness… How to identify the origin?

… I was just talking with someone about feelings that come up out of thinking… about some thoughts I was looking at preceding the feeling that came out of confusion… something was said about the feeling of separation… but separation in itself, is not a feeling… nor is confusion… they are in and of themselves simply states… it wouldn’t help our investigation to weld feeling and states together … do you think we should start over with this? Thinking and word wise? Does there not have to be a progression in the biological mechanics that result in feelings… maybe a unique and understandable terminology provided?

And then… if we wanted to find something out about the inner workings, the mechanics of the mind / body, how would we go about it? …and how would we know if we were seeing something or just imagining things? Even when scientists and others actually see things, like through a telescope or microscope, they can’t help but imagine what it might be and how it might fit in with their other imaginings… I think everybody does this all the time with every aspect of life… as a result… we have created the mess we call society… and then we imagine it’s not our doing. As a result we create the confused psyche, and we imagine it’s not our fault. We imagine, maybe, it’s the fault of evolution… we’re just not evolved enough. Or we imagine it to be a psychological disease, maybe we need to see the doctor, get some different, better, pills. How many sit and look at our mental stew, all the things they think and feel, and ask, “Is any of this shit real? Or have I just imagined all these things?”

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