The Original Currency Is The Currency Of The Future

From the time people sprung forth on this planet they have used a currency that is sustainable, a currency that can’t be monopolized, centralized, policed or controlled. The original currency comes in the form of smiles, appreciation and acceptance. All individuals possess enough to last a life time and it can’t be stolen. When traded it always increases and there is no need for collateral in gold or promise. It is the eternal currency.

There is always the tendency for the brainwashed to dismiss anything outside their control parameters. Some of the nicest people I know see escaping “made up” currency as a pipe dream. They do this while actively trading in the very currency they dismiss. Truth is we all use the currency of acceptance and appreciation every day and have since we showed up here. What has sprung forth out of, what we might call evil, is a manipulation of the natural system of currency.

Despite this we still deal in the only true currency just as we always have, but, we aren’t allowed to deal with it directly. Our lives have been taken over we’ve ended up with “the middle man”. A kind of currency by proxy. Instead of providing a service, be it providing a living space or teaching others and receiving smiles, appreciation and gifts to sustain us in return the middle man gives out vouchers that we then trade for the true currency. We’ve unwittingly followed the religion of money and the priests of the order of money intercede on our behalf.

It’s the same with any religion. Instead of dealing with life directly we pay the priests to act as proxy for us in dealing with the gods. This is a life of fantasy, psychological slavery, toil and servitude and why anyone wouldn’t do whatever it takes to break these chains is hard to fathom.

A friend of mine used to say, when we were stuck, “Let’s do something – even if it’s wrong”. What I see today is people saying – let’s do nothing even if it’s wrong.

Where are we at in our inevitable transition back to the future? Not sure. More are surrendering to the fact that the middle man life by proxy thing only serves the priests. How close are we to freedom? Where is the hundredth monkey and when will he snap to? Soon?

What are we really working for anyway? What does any of us really want? We all want some level of physical comfort. I like it. We all like it. It feels good and there’s no reason not to like it and only one reason we don’t all enjoy it: The middle man.

What else do we want and work for? How about smiles? When the babies arrive we smile at them and wait for them to smile back. That’s all any of us really want or need. Smiles, affection and acceptance from our families and friends. The acceptance and appreciation of our communities. The knowledge that we are valued as people.

What we’ve been made into is a herd of consumers and wage earners. We work for wages so we can get what we want and need: Some level of comfort, acceptance and affection. The only cost naturally attached to this transaction innately was and is – Behavior.

Through smiles and frowns we learn how to behave. Through acceptance we learn to grow and how to truly make things work as well as possible. Money muddies the waters and takes us out of reality, essence living and the chance of true productivity.

We are all born equal – then we meet the priest and his conditions.

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