The Pain Of Learning Anything Outside The Internal Belief System

The people of the world or learning new things – It’s painful, it’s hard, it’s a catastrophic event – It’s the 21st century cataclysm.

Why would learning something other than what we previously believed have to be so excruciatingly hard?

I see one thing that would play a part in this and I might call it learning as a personal foundation. Personal and personality obvious share a commonality and this is part of the foundation principle. We all get started learning from others early on and as we go along we build personalities and eventually lives that rest on these foundations. Our entire lives, our psyche, what makes us us is learned. Our learning becomes our belief system and we are the product of this belief system.

The human being is most comfortable when it’s standing on a firm foundation. The human psyche seeks a firm, unshakable foundation. We could call this foundation knowing. People are comforted by knowing what’s going on. We can operate well in this environment because it seems solid – secure. Once established – enough – we can live out our instinctual desires for family.

Religions are popular since they fill the knowing gap. In religion there are things we can know and there are things the god can know and so all is known and the foundation is then stable.

Governments, Kings and the like have their part too. There are things we control within the society and there are things the state controls and this takes care of all possibilities and gives us the needed stability – Even when we don’t like it.

Today we are witnessing the foundations created by the human psyche cracking and crumbling with great speed and great devastation.

If it weren’t for our collective learning disability this could have been avoided. I grew up in a society where people generally viewed the societal system as “Okay”. Nobody liked everything all the time but the idea was, “It’s the best system available and things have a way of working out, so although it’s not ideal right now – it’s okay”. Again: There is our part, gods part and governments part. Together these parts will ensure that the whole will turn out okay.

There were a couple of things that ran through my head as I grew up listening to this. (1) Why not a really good system right now? And (2)  this societal system is not going to lead anywhere “really good” ever. Nothing I saw, read about or heard about resembled a firm, secure foundation. I’ve spent my life waiting for the proverbial ax to fall. At times I dismissed myself as insane. At times I concluded that most everyone else was insane and I was trapped in the sanitarium.

At some point I began to discover how hard it is to unlearn anything. It’s, for me, close to impossible. Once it’s a part of the psyche, the personality, it’s good and stuck. Likewise I’m stuck fast in the physical result of the psyche I allowed to develop. So I began to understand peoples inability to learn when their foundations were threatened.

Today millions of people are learning new truths, changing their belief systems and breaking their psychological, sociological and religious paradigms. They are doing this not by choice but by force. They are forced to succumb to a new reality – accepting the instability of their learned foundations  as the foundations themselves disappear.

So what is being learned in this present global unrest? I hope it turns out that the two previously mentioned tenants are removed from any future social foundations. That god or governments be responsible for anything will hopefully become a thing of the past.

One reason we continually go through these periods of global social upheaval is because we continue to create the same form for society. We tweak, amend, add some and take some away from “didn’t work” and wonder why we end up in the same situation.

What do you think will result from the latest foundational collapse? Or, is their nothing new to learn here?

The Dangerous Servant: A discourse on governments


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