The path of suffering

I was listening to some folks talking about Nirvana. I ask them to explain in their own words what it was. What does Nirvana mean to you?

My idea of Nirvana is a world where people don’t hurt other people. I think the source of suffering is a product of our individual and collective confused thinking…

I’d say anyone who isn’t interested in the cause of suffering and bringing about an end to suffering is either lost to delusion or is a sociopath. Out of the pain of suffering, our own and that of others, comes a lot of goofballism but that’s expected.

A world of suffering is traumatic and trauma causes changes to the brain which results in a sort of fear based psychosis which results in all manner of comfort seeking and on and on and that’s just the effect of trauma on one generation…

Very hard for anyone to get free of that syndrome.

But the psychological need to escape suffering can become it’s own form of suffering. To become so engaged in the practice, whatever form that takes, to end suffering that we neglect the structure of our own confusion then how can we ever alter the source of suffering?

If suffering is truly a result of the confused mind then why focus on suffering? How would that help to end suffering?

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