The Peoples Wars

I was reading all the stuff across the net this morning, looking for some relevant news or articles. I ran into a lot of the same old repetitious blither.

Of course there was the analysis on the significance of the little election in Massachusetts. Which is really meaningless apart from it’s meaninglessness. There was an expose on nuclear weapons and there relationship to the mind set of U.S. Presidents. This written by someone with a job influencing children. That was just plain weird.

Yesterday I ran across an ad with George Bush and Bill Clinton asking for money to send to Haiti. The day before I read that the money sent from Washington was less than that spent on some fund raising dinner party. (or something equally goofy)

I read activists articles that plead with us to continue on the road to utter collapse in the name of political change. Begging people at home to beg a politician to do the right thing. The right thing in these cases is always one side or the other of some issue that has found it’s way to the floor of one of Washington’s political houses. None of these issues is significant in that none will result in any meaningful change.

Meaningful Change

How would meaningful change be defined? The majority of our population thinks they can change things by voting for the right people. I suppose, in a sense, I do too. The problem is when the right people run, people who would at least attempt to bring about meaningful change, they don’t get elected.

Is meaningful change a change of, so called, political parties? We’ve had one party after another elected off and on for centuries and we’ve wound up here. So we can safely say it’s not a matter of parties. There are a host of political ideologies around. Have any provided a decent solution to world suffering? Are there any places on earth where things are working out for people? I’m not talking about business or corporations or governments… I’m talking about people.

Are there any religions that have provided an answer? Any theocracies providing people with a peaceful safe environment? If you know of any state your case below.

What it comes down to, in my opinion, is this – It’s not the corporations, the governments, the theologies, philosophies and isms that have created this current crisis – it’s the worlds people. I’m obviously one of those people. Once we see it’s not “Bushes War” or “Obama’s War” or the corporate military governments war, but ours, we can work toward meaningful change.

Why am I concentrating on war? It’s simply a matter of dealing with the biggest problem first. The biggest problem in the world today is war. Not “a war” but “war”. How do people get Okay with war? How do we come to the place where horror is acceptable? There are countless articles and essays on who is responsible and what this government or agency or group is doing wrong and what they should do or not do and it’s all meaningless bullshit.

It’s not up to someone else or some government to end the slaughter. It is, and has always been, up to us. The people of earth. It’s our war – we finance it. Gitmo, torture, CIA violence and stupidity, Haiti, starvation and so on – we own it. It’s on us. It’s our legacy.

The key is – we finance it. We finance it, we vote for it, we defend it. As soon as we stop giving money to the beast it will stop moving. There is no other solution. The only meaningful change that can take place is for us to quit making it all happen.

One thought we could replace very easily is “the government spends too much on the military industry”. As soon as we replace this untrue thought with “We have financed and continue to finance the war machine” we can do something about it. We are paying for and voting for a police state. We are, at last, bringing the horror home.

We’ve finally paid for our own overt suppression. We don’t seem to notice it. There are a lot of things I seem to notice people not noticing. Like the obvious, and only, solution. If war and suffering exist at our behest then it ends by our decision to end it. We live under the yoke of a mandatory world monetary system. Nothing moves in this world without money. We make the making of money possible. So we make the movements move.

I was looking this website the other day ( and I had an idea that might be helpful to their plan. Their plan is a general strike that will take place in London in 2011. This is a good idea. It is the withdrawal of support idea worded differently. I’ve been trying to promote interest in a general boycott. (One person interested enough to comment to date)

My idea, as far as the “Love Police” is to have another Woodstock Concert to support the general strike, boycott, no support initiative. At some point in the last few years I decided that media like movies and music could be a big part of the the answer. If we had another Woodstock, with so many top bands and people that it was impossible to ignore, that promoted the general idea of – No More Support – maybe it would be big enough that people would risk being a part of.

People today, especially in the United States, have become timid and overly concerned about their own immediate comfort. This inability to sacrifice comfort for ethics is what makes all the horror possible. Maybe if they saw something Huge happening they might find what it takes to stand up.

Anyway I need to write something up on this Woodstock idea. I would love some help. If you want to help but don’t know what to do just  link to this post so people can find it and add their ideas. I only have one solid idea and that’s – stop financially supporting war.

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