The Pigs Are Flying

If you’re one of those who live for the money you’re as happy as a pig in shit. These are good times man. If, on the other hand, you live for family, friends and enjoying life as nature made it then , well, too bad – should of spoke up sooner.

A few years back the corporate madmen, the people propped up as royals, the banking families and their minions shot the gate keeper, rewrote or did away with constitutional governments (once and for all) and set out on a world wide asset grab.

What had been standing in their way, that pesky non-aggression clause, was written out of existence by western government administrators at the behest of their masters for the promise of money and power. The great big pigs of the world are now flying into once sovereign nations to gobble up all those newly liberated goodies.

Over a trillion dollars of untapped mineral wealth in Afghanistan (not to mention taking back the opium from those taliban kooks), oil in Iraq and Libya – Life is good. Order has been restored.

Again free to conquer by the right of arms the good times for Imperialists and their camp followers has risen like a Phoenix from the ash heap of democracy. Not that controlling the masses via the new religion of consumerism wasn’t, and isn’t, working but – Boring. Where’s the glory, where’s the terror and slaughter – enough is enough – time to rock and roll.

The real head bangers and gangsters are back …. Still think democracy works?


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