The Plan For Stopping The New World Order Business

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of very popular websites and on-line organizations whose stated purpose is to fight against the “New World Order”.

What I see so far from most of them is the lack of a plan. Mainly, the plan has been exposing the “New World Order” to the nation and the world.

What I’ve observed of the people of the nation is (1) they have no time (2) they feel powerless (3) they are dependent on (4) they don’t believe ‘the exposure message’ or (5) although they hear the message and believe it they are given no feasible plan for resolution.

There are some plans out there. It’s just that the plans aren’t working, or can’t work. Some of the plans so far include:

  1. Exposure
  2. Reasoning with, or coercing politicians
  3. Elections

Exposure works to expose to the degree of access to the target audience.

Reasoning and coercing is a plan to work with the current body of government to change government policy. So far this has been a dismal failure since the true power in any current government is not seen and unreachable.

Elections can’t work to effect change unless there is someone to elect. The people with the plan make sure these people aren’t viable come voting day.

The Life’s Blood of the “New World Order Business”

What fuels the engine of the fascist’s plan for world domination? If the groups wanting changes don’t come together on this there is no hope for change. So what is the life’s blood that keeps the dominion working? Your federal income tax dollars.

The Scope of Influence

The world as a whole may serve as a stage for exposure, but beyond exposure the groups for change have little or no influence. Wikileaks recently exposed more concerning the US federal government complex and the plans of the collective than any other media groups combined has ever exposed and – what happened?

The true scope of the activist groups influence is usually confined to the group itself. Outside that, few hear or pay attention.

The world change groups will remain ineffective. They lack power and influence. How could they have power and influence when they don’t collect taxes. They will always be out-funded and under the world monetary system forever out-gunned.

There is no way in the world any ideology can win a battle of words or ideals with the established system at the federal level. There may be a way for groups of individuals to effect change locally – the group can form a reasonable plan for that and change something in their community.

Exposure is great, but as a plan it ends at exposed. Consider that most exposure comes through main stream media newspapers. Granted, it’s there and gone, but it’s there. What happens?

The Globalist Agenda & The Cooperative

Here is something to keep in mind when trying to free the masses: The masses are responsible for their own enslavement. By and large they voted for it and fight to keep it in place. Right now (Nov, 1st, 2011) the people for real change are outnumbered, or at least out funded, by the people backing the globalist agenda.

I would think it true that most of this collective have no idea what they are part of the elite’s collective herd, so exposure, explaining things, using any media to reach them and fill them in must continue. These group of, not yet convinced of the facts, people would fill the ranks of what I am calling “The Cooperative”.

How to get “The Cooperative” to cooperate?
If you want to solve a problem you need to know what the problem is. The main problem all causes and activist groups face today is a lack of power. Since there is no reasonable chance for a balance of power between activist groups and the elitist ideologues – what is a reasonable solution?

If we agree that a lack of power is our dilemma and that there is no way to gain a balance of power then what can be done? How is a better world, coordinated by nicer people, possible?

The key bit of knowledge is this: The powerful get their power from the populace. We “the people” grant the tyrant power through financial cooperation. Therefore the problem is “our” cooperation and more specifically “our” financial cooperation. We literally fund everything we would fight against. tax “What we have is a central bank issuing worthless paper “money” that controls our economy, our lives and our future. This private banking cartel was unconstitutionally granted this power by a devious, scheming group of senators back in 1913. In essence what they did was place the American people into indentured servitude by forcing The People to pay usury on worthless fiat currency (paper money created out of nothing), not to fund the government, but to enrich the bankers and fund wars in which America should never be involved. This system exists not to fund the government, but to allow the U.S. Congress carte blanche power to continue funding unconstitutional agencies and programs by providing them with a bottomless source of worthless ink”

Solidarity of Purpose is Essential to Change

With Solidarity of Purpose, using exposure and education, much can be accomplished towards a free planet where individuals can create and thrive. Without Solidarity of Purpose: More of the same.

This is the great decision to be made by any group that is remotely close in their goals and ideology. The first step in becoming powerful is to unite and focus on one common goal. One group purpose, one common goal. All else can wait.

The solution to the balance of power problem is this:  the plan for change must start with cutting of the funds to the New World Order Collective. Unless this is accomplished – Nothing will change.

Here is something to think about. Some say, “We can’t just stop paying federal taxes. Everything we need to live will stop functioning and besides that we’ll all be arrested.” Is this a true statement? What will stop functioning, I’m sure, is the governments ability to fund their sinister projects. Do you need wars and UN resolutions to live? The world police forces are paid out of money the government borrows in your name. What will happen to the elites enforcers when there are no new loans to pay them with? Who will arrest “Everybody”?

Some people will be arrested, at first. Some programs running on debt from borrowed promissory notes will end. This is the price of freedom from tyranny.

On the other hand cost for goods and services will go down. What would the cost of a visit to the doctor be if doctors didn’t have to pay half of what they earned to the government?

There would still be state and local tax funded services running. The local public transportation would run, the mayors office, local schools and municipal courts would function. What would come to an end that you need to live?

The Plan For Stopping The New World Order Business

My plan in a nutshell would look like this:

  1. Groups United to a common goal would get linked up and join together for the accomplishment of step one
  2. Step One would be defining, exposing and educating people to the problem: Income Taxes Fuel The Elite Agenda
  3. At some point, get x-number of people at home and abroad to not pay this federal income tax
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