The Price of your Life

Has everyone seen “Economic Hitman”? If you you haven’t you can go here and watch it, Video Playlist

Once you’ve seen it you’ll know everything you need to know about how the mutts behind the scenes are operating. People I talk to tell me that they can’t understand what’s happening. They say, “I know that things are messed up, but it’s way to complicated for me to understand….”. It’s not complicated. One 40 minute movie tells us exactly how we are selling our land, resources and civil liberties. It also tells us who the people are that are brokering the deals.

At any time, anybody who want’s to know exactly what’s going on can find out – quickly and completely. If people watch the movie and think – well, that’s what some people, in the US and Europe, are doing to “some” other countries – they’re in denial. Here’s the deal – the main weapons used by the creatures who are systematically buying your lives are the US military and their privately owned and operated money machine. They built the military and sent the bill to the private sector – Eisenhower watched and then, when it was to late, tried to warn the public. I won’t go into who they are – because it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t make any difference.

So we have the elite, with the largest army on earth and a money printing machine. They never spend any money. They wait until we, via the government, ask for money and then they make some and lend it to us at interest. This money is never paid back. That’s the plan. This part of the plan is kind of complicated to set up – but it’s not necessary to understand this part, to understand the plan. The plan is very simple. What we see happening to those “People way over there” is exactly the same thing that’s happening to us, right here, right now.

The plan goes like this: You lend somebody money that they can’t pay back with the stipulation that if they don’t pay it back you get there stuff – their countries resources. This always works as long as you make sure it’s not possible for it to be payed back – which you include in the deal. In other words, “You can have the money, but you have to do “this” with it…”this”, never works…”. Presto – you bought a peoples life blood – and it didn’t cost you one penny because the money didn’t exist before you printed it.

We have what’s left of a country because the plan, for us, is on the slow track. After all, this is where the army stays, this is where the legislators stay – the ones who make sure that no one can pay there debts. It’s where they’ve set up the main collection agency (IRS) to get what real interest can be taxed from the money they invented. We’re a necessary evil at the moment.

The current nation under siege is Africa. Of course the ongoing campaigns to take control of the middle east and some other “way over there” countries continue. What’s really got these mutants pissed off is, not the people in the US so much as, the uncooperative Arabs, the dirty aboriginal people in South America, and numerous little patch’s of nobodies around the globe that keep snatching back there land and there lives. We on the other hand tend to think that all that stuff is happening to someone else in some remote place that is only real on the evening news.

Once we understand what’s going on all the frustration and wondering why this is happening and why congress does this or that just becomes crystal clear. Now we can only wonder how so many people could be so blind to the whole thing – that’s not complicated either – it’s fear and denial. But we also have the enjoyable task of getting out from under it and building our own stuff. After all – none of it’s a requirement.

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