The programmed people

Someone wrote this comment in a discussion

“Instead of fearing hell because someone said I should, shouldn’t I ask if there’s a fire extinguisher in Hell?”

You could do that now, after everything you’ve learned about yourself and life and people. But the programmed 4 year old or 11 year old wouldn’t. I recall a time when I didn’t question the existance of god or hell. I didn’t like it, it confused me and later pissed me off, but I didn’t think to question it.

There was a time when I never even looked into it to doubt it. “In god we trust” was written on the dollar bill, the Court House, You swore on the Bible when you appeared in court or got elected… there were churches and stories of god everywhere, we said grace at dinner and a prayer at night. I don’t ever remember liking it… but at that time it just was.

I was well programmed.

The programmed don’t think apart from the program. All programming uses physical threat and reward. Heaven or hell, more taxes, more jobs… a better world, a better person… escape poverty, be free to be all you can be, escape or live in bondage

Existentialism is just another philosophy: (; another attempt to be and do better.

I would expect all people to want something better, something more… not because they aren’t enough… but because the programming doesn’t work for the programmed. It always conflicts with the individual living through it.

We who have been taught nonsense live in the turmoil of mental conflict

It’s my opinion that, “Seeking a way out, searching for an escape”, is normal for any person living out their programming. I would guess that most people who land here, at this group, or the project, were seeking a way out of this confusion that the programmed experience

I’ve never met, read about, heard about, anyone seeking an unknown, non-physical reward. They may seek down paths unknown to them: someone tells them that a belief can deliver them from some physical suffering or offer them some physical reward: but the goal as purely physical

What else can it be?

Confusion, in all it’s forms, is a physical tangible burden… It can be a nuisance or a crushing weight… but nothing to be made light of. I always remember when I see the world of confused people, none of them programmed themselves. I didn’t program myself… the indoctrination into the belief systems begin at birth…

All belief system programs install by default “Physical Insecurity”.

We all seek a path to physical safety… A few manage to deprogram themselves, usually with the assistance of others. Many find alternative belief systems, not because they’re stupid… but beacause they’re desperate

People in controlled societies are living lives of manufactured desperation.

I do not share the opinion that they created these societies or the control systems that exploit them… that’s just adding more confusion

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