The psychological new

This issue related to the difficulties to think through a complete ”psychological new” seems to be the fulcrum of so many psychological, therefore social, defections, insufficiencies and problems..

What prevents us to actually change, psychologically and cognitively speaking, seems to be precisely this constant loop because of which when one thinks (or a group of people thinks) about these radically important questions such as “why don’t we change?” and “what prevents us from changing?” and “are we really interested in changing intelligently?”, then one (or a group) usually picks up, willingly or not, things, tricks and stratagems invented by someone else, no matter how rhetorical or sophisticated they may are, then he or she or the group just “paint” them with other patterns seemingly “new” and “original”, “revolutionary” or “cutting-edge”… while they are nothing but the old patterns revisited in a modern way.. Then such actions do nothing but give ulterior fuel to the same limbic story..

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