The pull of negligence

Detecting the taste of negligence

Indisputably a mind busy in chattering shapes the road toward negligence

In different levels, sectors, attitudes and behavioural schemes we all are negligent in something, in a way or another… and when negligence leaves its track along our daily actions, day after day, it becomes a hole between a person and the rest of reality… as well it becomes a progressive crater within the psycho-dynamic of a person’s mind…

One calls himself a christian, another defines himself a spiritual being whatsoever, she thinks mostly about her career, he wants a new car and all the days he has to wait before the car comes are all dominated by the focus towards the picture he already installed into his brain of himself together with that car…

They are busy in their nationalism..

Others are everlastingly chattering about the coming election day… some think about jesus everytime they need consolation from the transcendental… the same transcendental they ancestors cleverly invented o escape the unknown and so on… and a couple, busy in reaching their holiday destination.. forgets the kid in the highway’s bar station and so on

Isn’t it all about negligence?

Can the mind be totally free from negligence?
Can the mind inquire in the very mechanics of its chattering activity… without chattering about such observation?

Most people talk and think for a great deal of daily time following generic verbalization which linguistically and maybe discursively seem to make some sense… but they do not seem to grasp the attentiveness required to instantaneously understand what lies beyond the words and their castles of contents.

In this way the act of chattering become very much mechanical, superficial and very often contradictory… and this leads to a sort of psycho-analytic distraction which leads to inattentiveness… therefore very much toward possible involuntary negligence.

There is a dazing state of mind when it comes to alcohol… right?

It can be detected…

And there is a dazing state of mind, a sort of hebetude, when the mind is dealing & occupied with mills of words and actions… very often becoming like a sort of psychological Don Quixote… busy in a pointless and silly struggle with verbalized windmills made of almost derisory words, concepts and mental occupations of all kind…

The fulcrum of negligence cannot really be found by the act of exploring where the fault is.. nor by pointing out who is in supposed guilt

The very gear of negligence springs out from the circumstance in which one’s mind gets very very diligent in its own self-projection of itself within the act that mind is accomplishing, whether psychological elaboration of something, physical action, mental and social chattering.

Do you know that sort of intelligently dry sensation you have when you perceive a sort of will to purchase something but simultaneously you do know that such will is produced by a false need?

That dry sensation of mental poverty is exactly how neglicence tastes…

If a psyche acquires that immense gift & razor-psychological quality, so needed nowadays, able of stop the pulling machine of negligence.. then such mind can elevate itself from the quicksand of carelessness…

Negligence is not to be labeled with faults or guilt.. but he or she who do not point out a negligent atmosphere.. automatically he or she becomes a producer and supporter of negligence himself / herself as well…

One should wonder why a man pretends zero negligence by his computer..
and he, who is not a computer, allows himself to be negligent perhaps everyday!

Daily negligence is almost inevitable..
but that’s the very reason why self-observation is so relevant…

Observation and negligence are like a captain and a drunk ship’s boy..
But the first one can wisely educate the second one to rise from the carousel of inattentiveness…

Both of them live into our own psyche..

Who to select… is up to us..

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