The purest state of mind

In response to the question, is this, unconditioned thinking, the purest state of mind…

I would not call a clear way of thinking “purest state of mind” simply because such definition is too bombastic, too speculative, too adaptive and too idealized to be actually real..

There cannot be such a thing as a “purest state of mind”, which actually sounds dangerously close with man-manufacture illusions such as the “enlightenment”, the “nirvana” and similar existential ultimate abstractions..

If one looks clearly (indeed) in and about these thesis, and not through superficial hopes, “final destinations” of consciousness, second-hands thoughts and all the rest of it.. then perhaps one can see that, paradoxically, the very ideal of “enlightenment” represents nothing but one of the greatest pictures of escaping, escape from the real thing, ever created by humanity.. simply due to the question; what’s the purpose of thinking after the so called illumination? What’s the pleasure in evolving psychologically if everything is psychologically over, done, accomplished and nothing is left to find out, to discover, to inquire so to go on with our evolution?

This ideal and abstraction of a final bliss, which sounds very much as a messed up attempt to created a sort of “psychological heaven in life”.. represents merely a paralysis of the psyche ’cause the “illuminated mind” is a mind that has ceased its own pleasure in thinking intelligently and in psychological progress.. it’s a mind which is stuck into a sort of blissful limbo: the adventure of evolution is simply frozen..

Is this what we want ?

There cannot possibly be a “purest state of mind” because the mind has been conditioned and it’s pretty much done deal (what remains is just the willingness to observe and detect our conditioning’s so to think without them and to eventually dissipate them).. and also because mind is evolving, biologically, neurologically, psychologically, intelligently, synaptically (while we do the best we can to prevent such evolution)..

Clarity is the psychological “oil” for such evolution, not “enlightenment” or various forms of “bliss”, neither the reassuring but conflicting and separative illusion of gaining a “ticket” for the paradise if we follow this and that pre-packaged model of living and thinking..

Psychological clarity, which is the procedure through which all parts of the mind, (the intellect, logic, emotions, memory, instinct, perception (and so on)) & all processes of thinking within one’s mind, co-work in “togetherness” with no frictions, no fights, nor competition, neither control and authority whatsoever.. which means intelligence with no conditioning’s.. is what an individual fundamentally needs the most.. simply because no matter what such individual will undertake, whether relationship, projects, contributions to the civilization, ideas, actions in life and so on.. with no clarity, everything will be always contaminated by confusion..

At the beginning of thinking, all we need is clarity..

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