The purpose of life

Some say, “The purpose of life is to get close to god”. Some say, “The purpose of life is to generate love”

Others say, “It’s to get something done for the generation to come”. Some say, “Its to cultivate and raise the evolution of non-violent and perceptive intelligence and understanding…”

So here comes a question: Have you ever sensed that your psychological life feels predetermined? Wherever there is psychological predetermination, which is conditioning… there is violence… disconnection… illusory belonging to something pre-manufactured… whether in the form of a belief, an ideal or any one of some pre-packaged models of existential living…

Let’s think about intelligence for example: We are intelligent beings (it is said), therefore we are supposed to be private experts of intelligence without any act of clinging to this and that definition or measurement.. right?

Are we private experts of our own intelligence?

Or merely inattentive “tourists” in it?

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