The Raids On Raw Food, I Can't Choose What I Eat?


More illegal armed raids . To me, someone sitting back watching the world, this is beyond nuts. I understand the powers that be wanting to control what is for sale and who gets to sell it. Power hungry kooks throughout history have fantasized about that.

But doesn’t it seem sort of “fiction novel-ish” for the control freaks to have their own government agencies to write the rules and a private army to enforce them? Here, in the land of liberty?

Just a few months ago, state and federal law enforcement authorities conducted an illegal armed raid on a raw food buyer’s club in Venice, California.

“Rawesome Foods” was subjected to what can only be called a wildly illegal, intimidation-driven armed raid that saw cops stealing coolers full of food from the store! (Law enforcement looting…)

NaturalNews spoke with Rawesome Foods to get the real story on what happened, and we’ve done our best to document the story behind the story of this outrageous assault on food freedom. Hey, even the cops were outraged by this one!

Many of the details in this story haven’t been published before. Read my article at:
Raw Foods, Who Hates Them?

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