The Real Government Job Program

I’m not sure exactly what goes on in other countries but here in the US the people insist on a life based on superstition. How ultimately advanced can life on earth get if the democratic majority believe in “Life As A Fairy Tale”?

Only in a fairy tale could the president and Congress say they’re working at creating jobs, while working to destroy jobs, and not be ousted. Where is it okay to lie to the people? Well, in a land where people insist on it. Most people want to hear “It’s going to be okay”. If you watch a few minutes of TV you’ll hear it over and over.

Parents lie to kids. The government lies to the country. Advertisers lie constantly to anyone who’ll listen. The Fed and it’s IRS are founded on lies. Doctors lie to patients. Lawyers lie to courts. Religions lie for power and profit. Police lie to and about people. The truth is, we’re fucked and we need to get real.

The only real job program the government of the United States is involved in? Work for us. We have openings in starting and fighting wars. We also need crowd control at home, think of it as keeping the peace. You can have power over others and job security, today.

The world as we know it is fast coming under the control of “The World Company”. The corporations and moneyed elite that run the governments of the world are eliminating anything (people) that stands in their way via war and laws against freedom. You can be a part of this “New Economy” provided you have a low intellect and live by the fuck everybody code of ethics. If you can follow orders, without question, you can have a job.

If you follow a high personal code of ethics – good luck – there just isn’t much available outside menial labor.

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