The real origin of human suffering and fear

The real origin of human suffering and fear are all in the misunderstanding (and consequential conflict) between the perceptive mind (emotions/sensitivity/visionariness/right brain activity) and the intellectual mind (rationality, sociality, neurolinguistic network, language, pragmatism,left brain activity)

Meaning to say: there are things that we sense, feel and live that we know… while our intellectual mind doesn’t know… Example: an emotion has no intellectual structure at its origin; it’s pure. But then the need to share that experience (through the language) grows… So we try to translate the experiencing of what’s impossible to decode by the mind shaping it intellectually… trying to give it a name, a structure, a mark, a symbol… and that’s exactly the moment in which we start to destroy the natural experiencing of emotionality and sensitivity… translating it into a neurolinguistic matrix.

Then we identify ourselves into that intellectual matrix we created… creating dogmas, beliefs, institutions and gods to explain collectively what’s impossible to decode intellectually… And at that point it’s a done deal!

The identification in the belief begins to conflict with another belief while intimately the need of identification gets in conflict with the need of detachment… And then the conflict, the separation and existential fear spread among men…

It’s all a misunderstanding between the intellectual mind and the perceptive mind…

The action of seeking for ‘spiritual solutions’ is no more but a drug aimed to calm down that friction… but unfortunately it avoids the possibility to understand profoundly the origin of the confusion… the root of the conflict… the source of fear killing always the possibility to achieve a real practical psychological freedom in total honesty and understanding…

EOF’s Cardinal Point

Thinking is simply life (we are constantly thinking)… while thoughts are the products of the act of thinking..

This means that there cannot be thoughts without thinking… technically..

Unfortunately most of people think through the thoughts they constructed and they have been told.. which technically means that they are not thinking freely.. there is no self examination.. and their false “orientation” is trained and dragged by the conditioned thoughts through which they proceed psychosocially everyday..

The observation of this actual and historical, psychological and social dynamic, can lead to the end of mental confusion.. erasing existential fear..

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