The Real Peace Movement

Fighting Fire With Fire

Everybody’s heard this. So it resides in everybody’s subconscious. Who said it? Why?

Ever thought – in what situation fighting fire with fire that would work? I can think of one: Blowing an oil well fire; that’s about it. How about the people for peace? Could they use the fight fire with fire approach successfully? This idea we carry around about fighting fire with fire is in all practical applications – mere nonsense.

The War On War Movement

The fight fire with fire consciousness is used by many people for peace groups. Can’t really blame them, or anyone for going at it in this way. It’s part of the thought life of everyone who grew up with a TV. How did the hero bring peace to town in the western saga? They used the fight fire with fire method. They were just badder and smarter than the bad guys and the bad guys ended up dead or behind bars and the hero kissed sweetie and the peaceful shopkeepers could relax and sell bonnets and supplies.

This theme is, and has been, repeated time and time again in different settings and languages. The key word here is repeated. Besting the bad guys with a stronger conflicting force works great for an hour show or full length feature film. But why is the conflict theme used over and over so successfully by writers and producers? Because life isn’t a one hour show. Because what happened in that western movie town, or Japanese samurai show, or Biblical battle saga is not a way to peace. If it was – we’d have peace in the world. Instead we have what? Conflict.

Peace Is Not A Thing – Out There

Peace isn’t won. Peace isn’t fought for and got. Peace isn’t even there, or over there, or here at home. Peace is not present in, or in the outcome of, conflict.  What do we really get if we fight fire with fire? More fire. It might be fire in different hands – for a time – but it’s still fire. It’s not peace.

Making Peace

Peace isn’t got, or gained, out there. We can’t make peace, out there, until we make peace within ourselves. If you want to join a real peace movement – we must make peace inside our own consciousness. If you think peace can be fought for and won – You haven’t made peace within yourself. You’ve made conflict and are fuel for the very flame you want doused.

Sad words for all us natural born killers. But, for me, there is no alternative. I just can’t find a way around it. I know the western is just a western. I know fighting fire with fire is pointless and makes the fire ever hotter. If I care for others, for the race, for the innocent – I have no choice but to become peace.

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