The Rebirth of Individualism

The time for the rebirth of individualism is at hand. The failure of ideologies embracing uniformity is self evident. The absolute hatred of individualism by the control factions has reached the boiling point.

The propaganda machines are rolling 24/7 (as they always have) in an effort to control the minds of the masses young and old. The pitch is always formed as:

  • The World is a Dangerous Place
  • You need a formal (uniformed) education to be happy
  • Democracy (as collectivism) is the best form of government

The list goes on but the goal is to create Dependants. Dependants can be controlled. Individuals, free thinkers and “Facts” are a threat to the Realm.

Have we stopped to consider the reality of “The Pledge of Allegiance”? I (An Earthling) pledge allegiance to a flag. One symbol of the United States of America, and to the Republic (not Democracy?) for which it stands.

We used to face the flag and recite that every day in grade school. Six year olds, pledging allegiance, with no understanding of allegiance – Let the programming begin.

The programming is deep, unseen, not remembered, but lived by the product. Yes, we are the product of a program. As products we enter into contracts with the masters. We support them by our works, ideas and inventions. Some of us volunteer to fight for them, while others cheer them on from the sidelines.

No individuals are tolerated or loved by the product or it’s maker. The uniform, the lie, the top criminals are held up before the crowd in honor. The followers long for their place as one of the seen, the recognized, the famous. They endure, fight, lie and prostate themselves in order to rise to the other’s idea of importance.

It will take a rebirth, a new found love, for individualism to break this spell and break the bonds of uniformity. This is a good time for the rise of individualism because the situation is so dire. The control system is broken, crumbling and unable to borrow enough imaginary props to hold it in place.

This phase in the break down, the inability for control to sustain itself, always leads to outright totalitarianism. At that point the lines will be drawn clearly and without guise.

That page need not be turned. That story need not be played out again. We can end the cycle here and now. Decide…

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