The reflection of the mirrors

…it’s not the experience of what we experience that makes the experience…. sometimes we can also live the emotions of experience of something we never really experienced here physically, but we have the perfect registration of such emotions connected to such kind of experience we never lived here by this body …. last night i have dreamed about a fly on the planet….. crossing some lands … the geo~morphic~surface was quiet different from usual …. it’s the second time such a dream comes to me…. last time probably was some months ago when living in buenos aires… now here in peru … where i am physically doesn’t really matter…. i live within so many worlds that sometimes it’s really difficult to say where i’m ….as well as for emotions…. i live inside so many ‘me’ that it’s difficult to say……

When i was a child i was used to play in the middle of 4 big mirrors…. one in front .. one behind, one above my head and one under my feet …..(each one of them reflecting in the other one) it was the entrance of one of my aunt’s shop….. i was playing in the middle of them all the time … looking at the infinite thousands of me in front, behind, above and under doing apparently the same i was doing….. but my perception was that everyone of them was actually different from me … even if reflecting my same shape~body~movement…. they were me …but at the same time they were something else…. and i was in each one of them…… as i was in the supposed ‘original’ shape~body from where those reflections were starting their game…. but if instead the ‘original’ one was in one of the other sides and i was just a reflection of the others?… or if instead we were all reflections of something else without really a shape? or if we were all ‘originals’ playing the same game?

…..and if all of these options and something else i never thought were what was happening all at the same time?

…and i was wondering what they were doing at ones out of the reflection of the mirror/s

what i know is that i liked the game, and that i live things i can’t explain that they seem to move as like those shapes of me in the mirrors according to my move but at the same time with an independent presence~individuality as well …..

i live within things i never lived here physically ….

~ Linda

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