The Regulated Life

Does anyone else think it’s downright weird that there are laws concerning marriage? Why would anyone need a license to get married? Why would the state have to know your personal business at all? When did this start? Who made it a rule – and why? You might be surprised at the answer.

I guess the focus here is license. Does anyone know where the idea of a license came from? What purpose does a drivers license, a license to have a gun, a marriage and so on serve? More to the point, who does it serve? Do these rules make your life better, easier, freer?

Are you okay with having to ask permission to do these simple things? How about getting permission to move around, to travel, to sell something? Why would a parent have to enroll a child in school? Why would a person need to tell any governmental body anything at all? Why do these intrusive governmental bodies exist?

Are we servants? Does someone own us?

Piercing The Illusion

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