The Reign Of The Criminally Insane Is Ending

The Reign Of The Criminally Insane Government

The end of the world and 2012 seemed to fizzle but maybe, once again, earth people just refuse to see and accept reality. The pretend world, the world the earth people pretended to see, the world presented to them in the government brochures and bank commercials, with the flowering of happiness and wealth for all – is disintegrating before their eyes.

The reality of 2012 is maybe beginning to sink in. The predictions of fiction writers and sane economists, visionaries and other people grounded in reality or now in plain sight. It’s becoming harder to ignore and harder to pretend. The addiction of the 21st century is the addiction to personal fantasies about life here and the hereafter. All these are fading from hope’s grasp.

2012 isn’t the end of the world. Only those embedded in fantasy could have believed this in the first place. 2012 is the end of the world people pretended was real. There was never any flowery future where all blossomed in the light and grace of the privately owned and operated monetary system. There is no happy ending to any monetary system.

In short: Monetary systems are systems of Dis-Harmony

2012 is the end of the out of balance inharmonious world. Life produces balance and harmony. Life is balance and harmony. Systems like the monetary systems produce imbalance: The haves and have nots.

Imbalance, and the system producing imbalance, is being brought back to balance – By Life.

What you’re seeing around the world now is the makers, administrators and supporters of disharmony kicking and screaming to keep the systems of imbalance running. These people fighting for their lives are addicted to the illusion of their superiority. Who then, not living in a pretend world, would continue to support and thereby serve them?

There are sacrifices to be endured for those who don’t cooperate – The End of Law – but the cost of continuing is greater. There is no hope or chance that the 000.1% will prevail. Get away from them, or be sucked under…

The bottom line: All systems not in line with the system of Life are doomed.