The Resistance Internet Project

I always get email from well meaning activists and others, who are just plain scared, asking me to sign a petition to send to congress.

I always wonder, when are they going to learn. Send a message to congress to stop doing what they’re doing? Why would they stop? Money and Influence effect congress. How many would sign a petition to send to a pride of Lions asking them to be nice to the Zebra? Understanding the nature of “Lion” that would be kind of  silly. How can we be so blind to the nature of government?

Which brings me to the issue at hand. I know someone is working on their own internet system…right? I mean we know the last thing you’d want if you were trying to control the planet is for people to have easy access to each other or sharing information with each other.

We all know their are laws now giving power to the “Commander In Chief” to shut everything down in the name of national security…right? That and bring the military to bear on the populace…sooo…How far along are you? Need anything? Hardware, satellites, infrastructure?

You’re welcome to put progress reports here.

You know, I was reading something a while back about how many people could build a TV. If we ever went through some huge catastrophic earth wiper outer…who has the technical no how to start putting things together. I could build all the buildings and roads. I wouldn’t know what parts I needed for a TV. How do you make a picture tube or a computer monitor?

Really, when you think about it, most people don’t know how to make much of anything. There are all kinds of people saying they can make engines run on water. Can they? How would we know? I guess we’d have to try and do it. I know for a fact that our automobiles can easily run on alcohol. Easily, cheaply, cleanly, right now.

I’ve seen do it yourself solar panels and other energy tools. I don’t think people buy a lot of them because they don’t think they’ll pay off. Why don’t they sell “do it yourself energy” kits at Walmart? Maybe they do, I’ve never been to Walmart that I can remember. I know I’ve never seen one on any store shelf anywhere.

We’re told that all this do it yourself energy and clean energy isn’t possible. I think I was about 13 years old  when I met a guy who made all his own power for his home. Nothing hooked to the grid. He was an engineer for the Power Co. If he can do it anyone can do it. Why don’t we? It was 1963 when he was doing it. What’s changed in the energy industry since then?

We still have internal combustion engines in our cars. Even when the fastest cars are electric? (White Zombie Datsun 1200 Electric drag car). One of the naysayer nays is recharging takes to long. Why would people recharge a battery at a power station? Why not plug in a new battery? Let the stations deal with the time it takes to recharge batteries. Pull in, plug in a new battery and go.

We can do and build and live and control anything we want to. Whenever we stop treating governments as if they were our parents we can stop living as children. Children have little say over where they go, what they do or how they do it. Makes since because most of them would hurt themselves in about 3 minutes. But why would adults choose to live as children?

Let’s all start making stuff….and please support “The Internet Resistance Project”… where ever it is.

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