The societies of wanting

How much do we do, or don’t do, so not to elicit an undesired reaction in those closest to us? Our families and those we live with? How much time spent thinking about what we should do, to basically stay out of trouble?

It doesn’t have to be big trouble. Just the trouble of seeing some others displeasure can be a psychological burden. Do we work to fit in with our surroundings, our communities and the social activities promoted as good?

There are those who intentionally initiate trouble, who want to fuck with people and create tension. This is usually an activity practiced by young people trying to separate themselves from the “Adults”. They usually change because of the beatings they get: jails, no money, age, ass whoopins… pains of all sorts. If they don’t norm up they’re locked up or run off.

No one can beat the system. We can adapt to it or adopt it and normalize until the worst pains are avoided. We can fit in, but we can’t ever get out.

Most of us find some way to nest. We make a place, not necessarily a physical place but a nesting place, a resting place. Most nests are not single occupant nests. We invite others or others invite us to the nest and then we are there, with them, two or three or four. A group of effected people, products of the societal system, thoughts, ideas and emotions, the collection of experiences got.

Now here we are, these nests of people… thinking about what we want… and we want what we want… and they want what they want… nothing is more important than what we want

Does anyone get what they want? Does anyone have what they want? We may have some of what we wanted, but that’s not what we want now, is it?

So we’re careful, careful about what we do and say and even think, because we want things… and they want things… and we need to get those things, because nothing else matters… after all, what else is there

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