The spiritualists idea of detachment

The idea of detachment is a very puerile and foolish idea: there is not such thing as detachment at all.. no matter how many techniques, practices, disciplines or anchored phylosophies we maybe are willing to try and jump in..

There is just attachment, more or less.. and such dynamic of thinking is equal in each single brain, regardless of the culture, the beliefs and what the object of attachment is..

But is there an intelligent chance to inquire about attachment.. ?

Not through some syncopated motivational or spiritual puddings.. but rather factually, realistically, as a fact!

You may are not religious, you are atheist, you have no beliefs of any kind.. right?
But perhaps you are attached to your furniture… your piece of antique.. ’cause it belonged to your grandfather, right?

Is that not a belief?

Please: no one here is going to suggest you what is “right” or “wrong”: we are thinking from the outside of this dual regime of “right” and “wrong” ..

We are thinking!

So: is it not attachment merely a process of recording? A registration?

Now think: what remains if this process of recording gets stopped by your mind? The fuurniture remains there .. The willingness to preserve it remains there.. The memory of it, obviously, remains there.. and the very industry of attachment remains there as well..

So what changed & changes if there is no longer the process of registration, which is identification? Surely what remains is not detachment.. (he who tells you something about “how to be detached”, maybe through some meditation and so on.. is a drug dealer of motivational dopants illusions..)..

So look:
if the process of recording comes to an end ..
nothing really changes ..
but after that end; and despite you attachment still there:
you are no longer a slave of it..
you became an observer of it..
whether a furniture, or a value, or your depression and so on..
plus there is the possiblity to see what is fact..
and what is illusion..

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