The Teal Scott madness

There is this “get Teal Scott” sizzle with some acquaintances here and there

I’m for anyone doing whatever they want… the question I’d have to ask myself is why do I want to do these things. I’ve long admired Chomsky and Pilger for their constant work at exposing the people and intention behind the event. Sadly, in spite of all their, and other’s, work … nothing changes, except that things get incrementally worse for those without an army and a finger in the Geo-political pie.

The question I’d to ask myself if I felt moved to “go after” someone (in this case Teal Scott), if I wanted to know what programs are running beneath what I think of as me, is, “Why Teal?” … Teal is a nobody with little effect on anything…

We reveal things about ourselves, to ourselves, all the time… then we choose whether to pay attention to those revelations. Most of the time with most people this discomfort leads to another means to escape ourselves…

we often find in others the problem we can’t face in ourselves, then we try and fix them instead: this seems to be a psychological epidemic

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