The ten billion

Why they do the things they do… Aside from stupid and insane, follow the money… The US Government profits off war and drugs

Some profits are immediate, most come after the crippling of lesser armed nations. The people who employ governments seek to own the planet. This is being accomplished through the control of education, pharmaceuticals, food and wars

I have to tip my hat to their commitment

Most people would like this to stop. The problem is not one of desire but implementation. What group can influence a government beyond what the government’s owners want?

When it comes to implementation it’s only necessary to remember one thing: governments run on public funding. Taxes are fuel for the government machines… no fuel and the machine stops moving

What would happen if ten billion people said no. What would happen if three billion tax payers said no? I figure we’ll need about one or two billion to take back the reigns

Let’s start a facebook group called the ten billion

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