The time thieves

I often ask people, “What do you really want… above all else, what do you want?”

When I ponder this question one of the things I land on is time. I want time to do what I want to do. To wholly understand the structure, the mechanics, of the thinker we’d need time. Time to rest, time to sit, to walk uninterrupted, to research without and within without the distractions and demands set in place by the societies.

Then we’d be able to deal with our own distractions and tensions at length.

Think of the change in tension if we didn’t have to think about money. How far advanced in understanding ourselves could we be, after tens of thousands of years on a planet, without the fear of not having enough money to stay alive.

As it is we can do what we can to investigate the programs, including those unseen but controlling Daemons

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