The trouble with time

I’ve always been a little confused about the general concept of time. Maybe I should say “our”, as in the western European Gregorian calendar concept. (List of Calendars). The time/space idea is really twisting around in my brain. It just never found a place to rest up there.

Electromagnetism? Heard about it, saw it, settled. Time, space, Space time… huh? Show me an example, something I can see. It just doesn’t look right. I don’t see it – anywhere. Shouldn’t I be able to see it? Shouldn’t it fit in with the rest of the life structure? Why not? Everything that is real is understandable.

When I read the relativity stuff I just stared. Then I thought…so what. What has this train got to do with life? And how does that atomic clock work… off the paper. Has it been tested? Can it be tested?

Something that has always stuck in my head is the saying, “As above, so below”. The more I look at it and it’s origins I see that if I look “up there” I’ll know what is going on “down here”. The way the heavens move is the way the visible, and maybe the invisible, world moves. What I don’t see when I look up is anything that’s linear. Not one thing. So what should this tell me about time.

Well, if time exists at all, it should hold to the “as above so below” concept. Right now, today, I have my doubts that time exists period.

One of the ideas about time is it’s relationship with the speed of light. We’re told that if a person, in time, were to travel from here to here at the speed of light that everything that wasn’t – up to speed – would move at a different observable rate: like that atomic clock. Let’s see, if I’m traveling at the speed of light, it would take more time for me to make coffee than it would, for say, “you poor buggers still stuck here on earth”. The result being that when I finish making my coffee you would have made 70,000 cups and seen your children graduate high school. Is this theory real?

It’s said that there is evidence of this time difference phenomena with people who went to the space station for extended periods of “time”. This would give some credibility to the time/space theory. Or does it? As above so below.

What do I see up there? It rotates… moves in a circular fashion. It spins. Everything is spinning. We know “from hard, tested to exhaustion, proven beyond question, scientific experiment, that everything has a unique frequency. The connection between spinning, vibratory, cycling “things” is universal. We see it in our sensory frequency. Same with taste, smell, tactile perception and so on. It’s all cycling. What you see on your screen is cycling. So many Hz per minute. We know this.

So why is time, or space for that matter, moving out of accord with the rest of the structure? What I think is that time, like everything else, is a cycle. This isn’t just my wild theory, it’s an excepted concept among many of earths peoples. Vedas, aboriginals, Egyptian and Mayans all had the same idea. From there own records they state that this description was “given” to them. For the most part – I would need to study the Veda’ writings more to say for sure whence their ideas originated.

One thing is clear, right off the bat, it lines up with the rest of what I see. It lines up with what is testable and knowable.

How would this, time as a cycle concept, line up with that space station phenomena? How about that coffee deal? Let’s see – Earth – has a certain frequency. A certain vibratory cycling thing all it’s own. So do you. You have your, “I’m here in the earth cycle vibrational identity”. If we look up again we see that there are many solar systems and many galaxies and they are all doing their individual dance. Are the laws of nature different with each dance?

Does each spinning galaxy have it’s own nature, it’s own observational frequency? Could I see that frequency with my earth frequency senses? If you send a rocket out of the earths orbit the physical properties it runs in to, out there, are different from those on the surface of the earth. It’s a different place. This was recorded by the guys who put our first rocket into orbit. See Mr Richard Hoagland for a complete report. But the point is – right there, a few miles away – is a world with different laws.

It’s a completely different place. Not just different the scenery, but Newtonian laws, our model of physics – doesn’t hold up. So how about time. I think time, like everything else is a cycle. It’s the type of time that is referred to as the ages. The zodiac, the precession, the Kali Yuga: all cycles, all visible, all recorded over the history of people recording stuff… unless they’re lying.

So those astronauts weren’t experiencing a linear time phenomena. They were experiencing another place phenomena. Different things happened to them – there – than would have happened – here. Instead of looking at time and space I think we should be looking at time and place. Different places have different laws and different phenomena. Different times? Instead of thinking of time stretching out into the future I see it as a bunch of spheres. Not necessarily in a row. Or in any geometric formation at all. More like time places. Different worlds.

How about other frequencies, other places?

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