The True Nature Of Money

In order to really understand money we’ll have to accept it for what it really is: A business.

Money is the product of the money business. I suppose the idea for this business originated when people in ancient times watched the King carry out the Kings business. The Kings business was staying king. No different today with a politician. A politicians thought life revolves around staying in office.

In order for any politician, King or other holder of power over others they all want the same thing: To hold on to power. When people watched the King they saw the King gathering whatever gave him power. People in power need to know what others want and possess it, control it. Not what every other wants – just as many others as necessary to insure he stays on the throne. You find people who want what you control and say – If you do this I’ll give you what you want.

Armies become necessary to maintaining control. Soldiers protecting the Kings stuff can’t live far from the King. They don’t have the luxury of fending for themselves so a system had to be set up to insure the soldiers allegiance. The king would collect a tax from the non-soldier, give it to the soldier and the soldier could trade it to live. It did no good to collect crops to give to the soldier since they couldn’t carry around bales of hay or bushels of wheat. So an exchange was invented using precious metals or gemstones.

Value in this case just meant rare. No one could use sand or sticks as money. So the use of money was created.

Now this may or may not be historically precise. The King may not have been called a King. What is correct is the part about someone in power needing a system to stay in power and I’d reckon this story would not be far off the mark.

No normal everyday person from anywhere at any time would dream up a system that used money. Communities don’t have any need for money. Nomads of today don’t use money unless they operate outside their nomadic community. Where there is no money people know how to make things and do those things they need to in order to live. In a world functioning on a monetary system people are lucky if they know how to do anything of value.

What value to a community is a lawyer, a politician or a doctor with no knowledge of health? They are more like communal liabilities. The original one trick pony was most likely the paid soldier. This was the first protection racket. If you look outside you won’t have to look far or wait long to see the Kings soldiers in your life. They’re still doing what they did a thousand years ago and are still a drain on the community.

The people in the money business got their ideas from observing the tyrants of their time and said, “I can do that”. I don’t even have to be the King, I can start a money making business and control the King. If you understand what the King wants, to stay King, and you can supply what the King wants, then you’ve got yourself a King. In fact you’re now the King of Kings.

Money is just a business and the business is all about gaining and maintaining power over others. There’s nothing more to it than that. It’s that simple and that stupid.

An interesting question a to ask ourselves is what would we do if there was no such thing as money. What would you do? Fish? That’s valuable to a community. Grow things? Valuable. Build a boat? You get the idea. I’ll bet, no matter who you are or where you live, there are people around you whose valuable abilities are being suppressed and wasted. That’s a real shame.

Money isn’t the root of all evil. You may have heard religious leaders say the love of money is the root of all evil. They truly understand money and power. The fact is money is a product of evil and evil is just a mistake dreamed up in the mind of a sleep walker.

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