The USA – From Kingdom To Republic To Democracy To Kingdom

I got an email the other day from a senator (?) in some northern state asking me to help in the fight to keep democracy alive – or some words to that effect. I followed the link just to see what they were up to and wound up at a site who’s title was something about fighting for democracy. They had a submission form where I could suggest how they could better work together with their partners (the public) in the future.

I had to submit my suggestion that they “Stop Fighting For Democracy”. The battle was fought and won to keep us from having a democracy in the US – With good reason.

“A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.”

Thomas Jefferson (American 3rd US President (1801-09). Author of the Declaration of Independence. 1762-1826)

What the most fervent of activist groups fail to realize is they are playing into the hands of those they think they’re fighting against. This is a common mistake and easy to make if you don’t bother to find out the first things about the country you live in.

No matter what anyone may think about human nature, one fact is undeniable – There are those who want to and will – Take your stuff. In a political system, in order to get their hands on other people’s stuff, they first have to take away other people’s rights. That’s what democracies can and will ultimately always do in the end. Always – due to that fact concerning human nature.

We might be able to change human nature some day, somehow. But that’s not the right now reality. If humans change their nature – enough – then there will be no need for governments and laws. Governments and Laws are necessary to protect people from – Each Other. As silly as that is, that’s the way things are because some people want to take your stuff.

If you are one of those ( I want your stuff ) people what form of government would you try and install? That’s right, a democracy. The really important difference between a democracy and a republic is – in a republic people can’t get your stuff. In a republic there is no need of a permanent residence for politicians in Washington DC. Politicians in a democracy spend all their time passing laws that suit their wants and desires. What if they want your stuff?

Remember, first you lose your rights and then your stuff. Notice any rights being voted on in DC? In a republic no one gets to vote on your rights, or pass laws infringing on those rights.

So, the people who want your stuff have slowly and methodically made the public forget what form of government they have and now you don’t exist under the protection of a constitution but at the whim of politicians and their owners.

Here’s the deal with the title of this post. We got out from under the rule of a king and formed a republic. Then we got indoctrinated into consumerism – forgetting, as a nation, how we got where we are. Then we were indoctrinated into the fantasy of democracy. Then we became a kingdom again. Kings get to say – I’m going to take over that country – then they send their armies – because they want to.

Right now citizens of the USA are fighting and dying and tearing up the planet because those are the orders. How is that different than living, and dying, at the whim and mercy of a king?

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