The vaccine scam

From a reader…

I have had rounds of vaccinations that have made me sick not only almost immediately but for weeks afterwards. I have also seen others get sick right after their rounds of vaccinations. I am talking within hours. I was not sick and neither were they before hand. Don’t trust them. I trust my immune system itself. IF I do get sick, and need antibiotics I go get them. By that time my immune system is over whelmed and obviously needs extra assistance. My general rule of thumb is the body will heal itself if given time

If the body has what it needs for a healthy immune system then the statement “I trust my immune system” is good for most things…

The question then becomes, does the immune system have what it needs to function at peek performance? How would we know?

I don’t take vacinations or other medical industry drugs… I do find out what I can about what I need to be healthy and then find out where I can get that in the food I can get locally

This has been working out okay so far for me

Of course there is also the issue of environmental toxins… I can find out how to avoid them… some I can’t… which is a shame, but that’s the reality people allowed

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