The vicious circle of divine purpose

Questioner: If there is not the divine, a divine agenda in this universe, a divine purpose in life, then what’s the purpose to struggle in this life?

Answer: And what is the purpose to strive for and in the name of a divine purpose if we are not sure that it actually exist?

What is the purpose of this tremendous waste of energies spent in veneration, edification of temples, immense sacred statues, icons of all kind, churches, mosques, big iconographies, rituals, mantras, entire civilizations encapsulated within their dogmas.. and all the rest of it?

What is the purpose of this all?

Do you understand the gravity of this matter?

It is like this: I do not know what I’m doing here, what I’m living for.. so I invent something, something hidden, the man in the sky, the paradise, the ganesha, the higher self, the cosmic place where to go, the divine feminine, the superior consciousness, the angels and even another dimension.. and so on.. but fundamentally, at the “bottom” of my psyche, I do know that that has been made up.. manufactured by thoughts, by my ancestors perhaps.. books, tribalisms.. and so on.. however; I ignore it, because I prefer to struggle and strive for something the real existence of which is, to me, completely unknown.. and such act of believing becomes paradoxically one of the main reason of my existential striving.. from which comes the urge to cling and to invent, to adopt and to believe in.. things that actually fuel such striving itself..

It’s a vicious circle.. Isn’t it so?

Why do we strive? Do you presume that understanding can possibly come into being with striving?

One can try everything to become “better”, whether professionally, socially, in terms of reputation, through spiritual practices whatever they are, writing books, praying, becoming christian or muslim or by changing the name with a so called ”soul name” from India.. and so on.. does this striving to become this and that, whether productively or total waste of energy, sense or nonsense.. does this struggling bring understanding of our mind?

If the “to be” is not understood, but rather painted with pre-configurated conditioning’s such as the sacred, the divine, the chosen by god and all of these nonsenses.. then the “to become” becomes always more relevant than the “to be”..

In this way, unfortunately, the urge of becoming, being more relevant that the understanding of what it is.. prevents the psyche to comprehend the psychological life such mind is actually nourishing..

In this condition, which is the human condition, in this vicious circle.. no matter the efforts men will engage.. there cannot be the flowering of peace.. because the mind who is engaged with the necessity to become with no understanding of what such mind actually is.. can only bring into being a partial thinker.. and this means fragmentation, conflicts, problems.. inwardly and outwardly..

In short: when the “should be”, especially when it’s stuffed with “divine” something, is more important than the actual.. then men separate themselves from their possible intelligence.. simply because, no matter what the action could be, whether hope, prayers, veneration, believing or just being busy; there is not understanding of the actual..

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