The Waking Place

I’ve been, for many years now, spending as much time as I can in waking…

Waking isn’t sleeping or being fully awake but the transition. If we can stay in the transition we can experience something of a different state of mind: not unconscious and not yet swept away by the flood of memory

If you like you can begin to do this too, you too can experience and explore it… I can’t tell you how, but you know where it is… you know what it is because we all do it sometimes without trying, usually to forget seconds later as our identity takes over

In the same way that we can be still and watch in this transition I’ve been practicing watching the awake state of life… Apart from memory…

Memory rings loud in the undercurrent of feelings. Feelings like, “I should get finished because I should be doing something…”. That “something” is seldom well defined, it may not exist, but the feeling that we should be doing something is tangible.

When we see it, we can grab it and hold it still long enough to look beyond it. This isn’t so easy as these things don’t like to be seen, let alone held…

Another one that pops up for me is guilt. More subtle that undercurrent these days but there just the same… and another opportunity for investigation. If we can catch the feeling… grab it and hold it for as long as possible. You’ll find other currents if you look and you can play with them in your own way.

What’s happening with me is, the more I do this, the more I watch the workings of Me… the more I feel as I do in that transitional waking state.

As I’ve gone along I’ve become more familiar with the undercurrent and that familiarity has allowed me to stay longer in the in-between. A place not lost to memory with it’s collection of accepted or formulated ideas… All those shoulds and should nots, remorse and regrets… A place without my role, without my opinion of myself and life, without my meanings and values… Plans, hopes and wishes made for some long forgotten reasons… All the stuff that tethers me to the past: Stuck in the Thoughts

Waking from that every day, staying longer free of that state of +memory… being still in the transition… Living more in the Waking…

What sees these things, what explores this, is mind untethered… Mind without the chains, without the rote, beyond my learning, without the “Program of the Known”

… and if waking is transition from unconscious to all that collection we call conscious then is it closer to Mind before?

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