The weight of worry

Worry is killing us… Worry allows us to do things, to believe things, to “Feel” things that hurt us: Now and in inventing the future…

Is this inevitable? Are we fated to worry about things till we finally check out? How many promises of some reward in the after life are sold to people who are consumed with worry? How many insane political solutions will fearful worried people pay for with the fruit of their labor or their very lives?

There is one investigation that leads to the end of worry… the end of fear

When we really get at the “Why do we care what other people think about us” and it’s cousin, “Why are we concerned about what other people think about any, non-technical, thing”, … when we can sit it on the table, thoroughly investigate it and go on to dismantle it… most of the weight of worry disappears… We wonder, “How did I bear it?”

This investigation and it’s resulting freedom can lead us deeper to the expansion of intelligence and the end of fear

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