The Whole Mind

What is the whole mind? What is mind? Are we Mind or do we have “A Mind”?

How would we know? How would we find out?

What’s the best vantage point for observing the whole mind? If we can observe the whole mind… where should we stand?

That thought of Position To Mind exists… does it not? Is that thought of Position To Mind coming out of Mind, or, is that thought of Position To Mind coming out of a fragment of the Whole Mind?

If we are Mind, if that’s what we are… Thinking Energy… then what is this that thinks of itself as an “Other”? Isn’t this what the thought of Position is: the “Other”; some other Location? Location to what?

Are we a fragment of mind? A thing mind made for some reason? If so, can mind make mistakes? Or does mind, do We, like to play around with stuff… just to see what it’s like? What would be more fun than to make believe your something your not? To actually live a life as a character of your own fantasy…

Wouldn’t that be the way to make the impossible… Possible?

“To Dream The Impossible Dream”

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