The World Is Going To Change

I don’t see any evidence that people, as they are, will create a better world.

I base my conclusion on the known history of mankind. The main difference between the world people live in today and how we lived a thousand years ago is “Toasters”. We have better tools. We don’t have significantly better societies.

Conditions are still stressful. We used to keep a fire going all night to protect the camp. Now we have dead bolts, alarms and gated communities. We look different on the surface but our nature is still discordant.

Where we are in relation to the big galactic cycles.

Our current cycle, or “Kali Yuga” is coming to an end. Here something written a very long time ago, can’t remember where I got it

“When flowers will be begot within flowers, and fruits within fruits, (genetic modification?) then will the Yuga come to an end. And the clouds will pour rain unseasonably when the end of the Yuga approaches.”

I wrote something recently about how water goes about cleaning itself or staying healthy. Part of that system is rain. We’ve gotten our planets water about as dirty as we can and still go on living. Have you heard about the frogs? They’re mutating?

“Something even freakier is happening to frogs. Many are mutating, or changing. The first mutant frogs were discovered nearly 60 years ago. Then there were only a few mutant frogs. Now there are lots of them.

Deformed frogs have been found in 38 U.S. states and in many other countries. Nearly half the frogs in many areas are deformed in some way. The deformities aren’t good for frogs.

Many of the frogs have no legs. Others have too many legs. Some have legs growing from strange places—even their stomachs. Most deformed frogs do not live as long as normal frogs. What’s causing the changes?” from some “national geographic” article

Any way you look at it, toxic environment or war, we’re working hard to put an end to ourselves. The story told of the “Big Cycle” is there are two phases. During these phases, or “Times”, people are either going to sleep or waking up. It is said that this going into the dark and coming back in to the light has happened many times.

During the dark portion people forget the history, the teachings, the technologies, everything from the previous awakening. Things get, I guess you could say, “The way they are now”. Then, with the cycle, we wake up again.

I think this time we better get our shit together and start traveling the universe with the rest of the people. If we do that we can just move with the cycle. Just come to earth when the galactic season is best.

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