The World of Man Divided

We now have divided ourselves into two sides, one against the other. Once again repeating the past, unable or unwilling to stop.

The sides are named Government, on one side, People, the other. The insider, the outsider. History again, a lesson unlearned.

The game is the same, the question only how many dead, dying, locked away, living in servitude and how long till the revolt.

Then, after the revolution, how long till the forgetting. The people always forget about the past. “The past belong to the dead”, “We can have a good government of the People”, “A Democracy”. These ideas are nothing new, nothing better than the ideas of the past.

So we watch, we could learn. We could do something different, something better… We could.

Ever hear a new idea? Got any new ideas? You might want to come up with something. History is repeating itself so we know what’s coming.

The people have no armies, no choice in law and no agenda but security for themselves. That’s a utterly defenseless position.

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