The Worst Crimes In History Exposed

The worst crimes in history have all been exposed. Documented, written down, for all to see. Now days anyone can find out anything.

Since the Internet went public we’re able to learn about anything in the world we want. Since people have a medium to expose the facts it’s virtually impossible to get away with a crime against humanity for long. There are people (Noam Chomsky) who are beyond reproach addressing the high crimes and misdemeanors of governments

We know what’s going on and we know who’s behind it – and nothing changes. Things aren’t getting better for the earth and it’s inhabitants. Why? How is this possible?

People and governments get away with murder because we are subjects of the monetary system. Until we get rid of the monetary system the people of the world will continue to suffer and die. If you’re okay with this then do nothing – ignore it. If you’re not okay with the continuation of ruin and destruction then entertain the idea that another system is available and attainable. That’s where the future of mankind begins.

Everything that Is begins with the thought of that thing. Our responsibility then is to think of a world without money. To desire it. To create it in our imaginations and hold on to it. Talk about it with others, discuss how it would work. Think about the negative things that would be impossible without the monetary system.

Think about ownership as a thing of the past. Think about a system based on sharing.

Or – just go on to the bitter inevitable end… hoping things get better. Hoping someone else does something.

Money means crime. It’s not just “Some People”. It’s Money. Where there’s the yoke of a monetary system the system corrupts everything absolutely. It can’t be, hasn’t been and won’t be any better – ever.

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