The wretchedness of Morality

He/she who talks about morality but has not completely fresh & liberated intelligence, cannot be moral… but rather he or she’s merely moralistic..
and moralism is the curse of “to be moral”..

Indeed fact is that we have no fresh intelligence, the many of us: we can be clever perhaps, “mental engineers” of our psyche.. so we have pleasure, attachments, acts of clinging to sex, illusory sensations, family’s archetypes, contorted ideals, forms of spiritual ambitions whatsoever, weird, possessive, obsessive or perverted conceptualizations of love and so on…

but all of these things carry no fresh intelligence.. just separativeness, the disease of stupidity, the anguish of living in acquisitive nervousness… swimming in perennial self and mutual exploitation..

Morality is indeed wretchedness..

Diego Fontanive

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