There Are No Black People

There are no white people. Political religions love labels. Divide and conquer etc.

Does anyone grown naturally think about skin? Who in their right mind would think of skin color, eye color or hair color as a way of labeling people? They’re really insignificant as a human characteristics. In fact they aren’t characteristics.

In the world of followers race is thought about. It would never come up on a self determind path. It’s existence is born of ignorance and diseased minds.

If we want to make the world better for others we can begin by casting off labels. Letting go all learned class systems that seek to separate people. Quit playing crazy people’s silly games. When forced to fill out forms for money we can write “other” or “none” wherever possible.

If we wanted a label to serve some function in a rational world I can’t think of any except maybe language. If we used language as a label we’d at least know something useful about people. If we said they were english, spanish or korean based on language we’d know something useful about them.

Most people in Canada might then be French or English. There would be no red people. There would be no yellow people in Canada. Hey, there are no yellow people in Canada now!

There aren’t any white people either – outside of cominc books I’m not a white guy. I’m english. My girlfriend is Spanenglish. Okay, I’ll need to work on that.

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