There is no Family of Man

On DNA and the possible emotional imprinting of species memory

The one closest to my DNA is me. So, why wouldn’t I be the best one to investigate it? If this is my body, and all the cells of my body are in constant communication, why is it I can’t talk to them Ah, good morning Mr. Toe, I see you have a problem there… Is there anything I can do? … nothing, silence…”

Are human beings just giant robots created by DNA to make more DNA?

“Of course, there is nothing new about the robot idea. The Sufis and yogis talked about it centuries before Pavlov, even before Mark Twain wrote his stunningly prescient essay, “Man, A Machine.” Nonetheless, it is so patently offensive to humans that almost all recoil from the thought.”
I robot, Robert Anton Wilson

I’ve spent most of my life, when not doing what I could to ignore life completely, looking for access. Access seems to be the missing component: access to memory, access to the body’s system of communication, access to the workings of nature and it’s energy; we suffer a lack of communication between, what seems to be us, our immediate environment and all the rest of what is.

So we make up stories and fight over them.

Ever wonder why we seem to hate so much? Have you ever seen another species hate it’s own kind, hate itself? Animals fight sometimes. Sometimes they hurt each other or even occasionally kill one of their own. But humans? Humans are just plain nuts: We kill millions, enslave ourselves under rules and laws, lock ourselves behind borders, then defend our right to be caged. What are we so afraid of

What human feels they are part of the family of humans? Be honest. Is there any hope of any real social evolution? Not some make belief stories but actual evolution as a species: from the frightened idiot; to coexistence or even the semblance of a reasonably sane existence?

I see no evidence to suggest we’re anything but done. And we’ll come to an end never knowing much of anything about ourselves or the workings of the world at large. Sort of pathetic when looked at in the big picture of man

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