There Is No Tea Party

I liked having the original Tea Party movement out there to scream at political/corporate criminals. Then it got infiltrated – then it disappeared. Maybe if people formed something called “The Prosecution Party”. That would be pretty hard to mess with wouldn’t it?

Seriously, no one from either party would want to lend their names to that. Maybe we could start one right here. I tried to get the world interested in boycotting predatory banks…fizzle. How about boycotting criminal corporations and the rest of the criminals in DC?

The public’s lack of interest in creating a sane society would be disheartening if I’d ever seen, sense the “60’s”, a glimmer of hope for significant change in this country. Why would any population in their right mind not vote out the criminals while they still have the chance? Boggles the sane mind….

It’s like walking into a voting booth and seeing two choices: same as before (suffering), or, chance for different (who knows) and choosing – Same. That just doesn’t make sense – are people that frightened of change? Every election people are offered a chance to act sanely and – Poof – another opportunity goes up in two party smoke.

I have a message for the US voting public – You deserve to suffer. I hope the suffering gets worse. I hope it gets worse as fast as possible till you’re backed into a corner and have to fight for your next meal. Maybe that will shake you out of the trance you’re in…

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